Ryan Howley
College Basketball Player

“I’ve been training with PJF Performance every summer and they have done a great job improving my vertical leap and explosive strength. Their injury prevention program has kept me healthy through a full 4 years of basketball.”

Peter Clark
College Basketball Player

“With a regimen curtailed to my needs as a basketball player, I noticed tremendous increases in strength, speed, and endurance. Most of all, the competitive environment that PJF Performance provided both on the court and in the weight room made the biggest difference in my game. “

Callum Long
College Basketball Player

“PJF Performance took my game to the next level. With their help, I was able to add serious inches on my vertical as well as basketball specific strength. Their passion for basketball, knowledge of training, and dedication to making athletes better is second to none.”



Paul is a beast! PJF keeps my body right in the off season in LA and even travels with me to train on vacation.

-James Harden, Houston Rockets

I gained 3 inches on my Vertical in one month training with Paul and increased my foot speed/quickness. I come out to Orange County any chance I get to train with the PJF team!

Alex Len, Phoenix Suns

PJF Performance training is next level! I work with the PJF team in the off season to build explosiveness and keep my body healthy.

Derrick Williams, New York Knicks

After leaving UCLA for the NBA draft I was explosive and agile, which made me a good defender and allowed me to get into the lane and elevate with the big guys. Early in my NBA career I went down with hip and knee injuries that forced me to miss a significant amount of time. After completing physical therapy my injuries had improved but my explosiveness wasn’t there.

I connected with PJF Performance and drove out to Arizona the next day to meet with Paul. After my first week of training with PJF Performance my legs felt great and my explosiveness started to come back. After one month of training I improved my vertical jump by 7 inches! On the court I was quicker and had my first step explosiveness back. As our training continued my athleticism kept improving. I began surprising myself on the court with big dunks and blocks that I couldn’t previously do.

I highly recommend the PJF System to any serious basketball player looking to play at a high level. You’ll have to be open minded to new theories and must be willing to put in a lot of hard work, but the results will be worth it.

-Malcolm Lee, UCLA/NBA

I heard from several people that Paul Fabritz (PJF Performance) was the go-to guy when it comes to basketball specific training, so I figured I would try it out. After a few weeks of training with the PJF methods, my body felt great and I was moving better than ever! After a few month of training, my athleticism was better than ever. My ball handling ability reached new levels and I learned new offensive moves every day. My explosiveness paired with my improved ball handling drastically improved my offensive game. Paul is an expert in anatomy, physiology and biomechanichs and he has extensive knowledge for the game. He really knows how to apply science to basketball and improve players like myself. I would recommend his programs for anyone who wants to improve their game. Thank you Paul!

-Ketia Swanier (UCONN/WNBA)

Training with PJF Performance first introduced me to the idea that training smarter, not necessarily harder, is the key to elevating your fitness. With a regimen curtailed to my needs as a basketball player, I noticed tremendous increases in strength, speed, explosiveness and on-court skills. The PJF System introduced me to methods i’ve never used throughout my career. This system is different from any other basketball training methods and the results from this program are unparalleled.

-Peter Clark (College Basketball Player)

I have trainined with PJF Performance throughout my college career and I have to say, this is the best program a basketball player could join. My vertical jump skyrocketed, my handles reached a new level and most importantly the injury prevention aspect of The PJF System-Elite kept me healthy for 4 years of Division 1 basketball.

-Ryan Howley (College Basketball Player)


Training with PJF Performance, I significantly improved my explosiveness, agility and strength. In one month of training I packed on lean muscle while improving my vertical one inch every week! Overall in 4 weeks of training I gained four inches on my vertical jump and 17 inches on my broad jump.

-Dalton Ammerman (Professional Volleyball Player)


I did a 2 month vertical jump training program with Paul and gained 6 inches on my vertical. I went from not being able to touch the rim to dunking in 2 months! Best program i’ve done!

-Ben Connors (High School Basketball Player)

PJF Performance took my game to the next level. With their help, I was able to add serious inches on my vertical as well as basketball specific strength. For me it was a game changer to be able to pack on size while improving athleticism. Their passion for basketball, knowledge of training, and dedication to making athletes better is second to none.

-Callum Long (College Basketball Player)


Paul’s program allowed me to see instant gains in vertical jump and explosiveness. In 3 weeks I gained 3 inches on my vertical jump. My standing vertical jump is now 36 inches and I feel light on my feet/agile!

-Cody Martin (Men’s College Volleyball)


My son Hunter is 14 years old and i’ve tried him on just about every jump program imaginable. Air alert, jump manual, jump shoes, etc. Not only did these programs provide little results, Hunter ended up sustaining knee injuries from every program. My physical therapist recommended us to the best vertical jump expert he knew, Paul Fabritz. We reached out to Paul, and he was confident that Hunter would benefit from his methods. We decided to purchase Paul’s online vertical jump program. To be honest, I was skeptical to let Hunter do the program because of the lack of results/injuries he sustained from all the other programs. My physical therapist reassured me that Paul is known worldwide for methods and we are “in the hands of a true expert”. After the first week of the program Hunter and I were sold on his methods! Paul had Hunter doing strength exercises that didn’t hurt his knees, pool plyometrics and even yoga. Most importantly, Hunters vertical jump increased two inches in the first week! We are now on week 6 and hunter has gained about five inches and touched the rim for the first time! He is super excited about his new explosiveness, but i’m most excited that we no longer will be taking trips to the doctor for his knees! Paul’s methods are by far the best we have seen and i would recommend his program to any athlete looking to improve their vertical jump.

-Patrick Cambell (Parent)


PJF Performance program really improved my basketball skills. I became the best dribbler in my city and my jump shot became way more consistant! I used to ride the bench, but now I start for my Jr. High School team.

-Corey Hawes (Jr. High Player)

PJF Performance has really helped me a lot with my ball handling, as well as helping me learn the importance of not over training. PJ is a great trainer not only because he is very knowledgeable, but he has the ability to motivate, inspire, and help individuals meet their goals. I am very thankful for everything he has done for me.

-Kiki (College Basketball Player)

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