NBA Training

PJF Performance specializes in NBA Performance Enhancement Training. Our innovative training is designed to significantly improve vertical jump, quickness/multi-directional explosiveness, strength and endurance with an emphasis on durability/injury prevention.

Our NBA Performance Enhancement and Pre-Draft Performance Systems take place in Anaheim, California. Our advanced, innovative training system includes:

Advanced Assessments– Our players undergo comprehensive testing prior to the training program. The PJF Performance Dr. of Biomechanics Consultant, Dr. Noffal takes athletes through Force Plate Testing, Motion Tracking and Electromyography Tests. The data from the assessment is used by PJF Performance and Dr. Noffal to pinpoint Explosiveness Limiting Factors, Biomechanical Issues and Overactive/Underactive Muscles. Once weaknesses and strength are clearly identified, PJF Performance designs a training program specific to the athlete to accelerate results.

Performance Training– Our athletes’ specialized training programs generally include  plyometrics, agility/quickness and speed training, strength training, energy system training, flexibility/mobility and yoga, mental training, balance/stabilization methods and basketball specific explosiveness training. Our Performance programs are specially designed for high carry-over to the court.

Skills Training– Athletes undergo daily skills training from some of the top player development coach’s in the country. PJF Performance and Open Gym Premier work in conjunction to provide unparalleled on-court player development protocols. Our synonymous system carefully periodizes the programs so that players develop their on-court skills and athleticism without overtraining.

Sports Medicine/Recovery System– Daily high intensity training requires optimal recovery. Our network of in-house Sports Medicine Doctors and Massage Therapists ensure that our athletes recover properly and remain injury free.

Sports Nutrition– Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will provide a specialized diet plan to suit your specific goals (i.e. gaining muscle, getting lean, improving energy, etc.)

PJF Performance is also available for travel training for athletes that live outside of California and for players who travel frequently during the off-season.