The Elite Ball Handling System is the nations leading online ball handling development program! This scientific based ball handling program has been used by NBA and Elite NCAA players and is now available at your finger tips.

This program is an ongoing monthly subscription. As long as you want to improve, we will provide progressive monthly programs! If you wish to cancel, do so at any time by visiting www.online.pjfperformance.net/dashboard/me/account
All Online Training billing and account questions should be sent to support@exercise.com, the PJF team is not liable for any account cancellation/billing/technical inquiries if they are not first sent to support@exercise.com


What is The Elite Ball Handling System?


Comprehensive and Progressive Online Program

Now you can have internationally recognized, PJF Performance as YOUR ball handling trainer anywhere in the world!

-Access your program online through PJFPerformance.net and through the Exercise.com iPhone/Android app.

Hundreds of drills, strategically progressed each month to ensure that you drastically improve your handles month after month.

Video demonstratAndroid-Iphone2ions with slow motion/written descriptions for each drill.

-Daily training sessions with detailed sets & reps.

-“FeatuScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.16.52 AMred Tutorials” to LEARN various aspects of ball handling (comprehensive pick-n-roll tutorials, move tutorials, etc.)

Group coaching through our discussion board: Internationally recognized trainer, Paul Fabritz will provide weekly tips/motivation.

-Interact with Paul and the PJF Performance staff through the discussion board.

-Ask our trainers questions and interact with other members of The Elite Ball Handling System.







 Results: What Can I Expect?

The Elite Ball Handling System is designed to drastically improve ALL areas of a players ball handling abilities. We take a multi-dimentional approach to training, which ensures our players will take their handles to the next level.

-The Elite Ball Handling System members can expect to significantly improve their ability to break down defenders off of the dribble.

-We teach HOW to shift your defender and give you unlimited moves that you’ll be expected to master.

-Learn intricate details such as attacking angles, move entry footwork, and when/how to utilize counter moves. Our comprehensive approach to defender breakdowns helps our NBA and elite NCAA players get into the lane easier, which leads to more points and assists!

Every coach loves a player who can get into the lane at will!

Develop elite quickness and footwork. While dribbling is important, the best ball handlers have the best footwork! Remember, the ball doesn’t take us anywhere, our feet do! Your program will have 2-3 days per week of footwork/quickness drills to ensure you significantly improve your on court quickness. Additionally, your quickness training includes our contraction/relaxation drills. The most explosive and smoothest players in the NBA have the ability to contract and relax at an increased level. Our contract/relax drills will improve this aspect of your athleticism, which can separate you as a ball handler.

Improve your dribbling ability through our multi-dimensional approach to dribble training. There are various aspects of the dribble that we have developed specialized drills to improve. The main areas that we will focus on include: The Pound Dribble, The Cuff Dribble, Overall Dribble Manipulations, Ball Control, Dual Brain Abilities, Protective Dribbling, Subconscious Ball Handling, Finger Tip Control, Combination Moves and many more.




Develop a strong, stable and reflexive core through our multi-dimensional core program.

Your Core is a HUGE aspect of your ball handling abilities, which is why our program consist of 2-3 days of progressive core training per week.

Improve your Hip Mobility to improve the explosiveness of our moves by allowing you to naturally drop into a lower stance. Our ball handling research suggests that adequate hip mobility is a pre-requisite for great ball handling. Our program contains 2-3 days per week of “Handle Hip Mobility”, which is a specialized hip mobility/flexibility circuit designed to improve your game specific hip mobility.

-Learn how to become a greatprotective ball handler”. Breaking down defenders is good, but if you want to be a high level player you MUST learn how to take care of the ball. Learn our “Escape Moves” to get out of traps and difficult situations, develop go-to “Safe Moves” to ensure you don’t get stripped against aggressive/active defenders.

Decrease our turnovers to increase our playing time!

Study our comprehensive Pick-n-Roll breakdowns and become a master. Each month we will teach new reads off of the pick-n-roll that will lead to domination of the 2 man game. The higher you go in basketball, the more prevalent the pick-n-roll becomes. If you can master ALL the reads off the pick-n-roll you can become a dominant player at any level.

*All purchases made to PJF Performance are final and there are no refunds*