Back to Basket Deception/Ball Protection

Nov 8th, 2015

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Back to Basket Deception/Ball Protection

Below is a clip from my Elite Ball Handling System- Month 6. The purpose of this drill is to develop “Back to Basket Deception”.

High level players need to have the ability to utilize “protective moves” against high pressure defenders who are constantly reaching to get steals. With this type of defender it’s often too dangerous to open your body to them and leave the ball exposed (ie. Loose front crossovers).

Traditionally, many coaches teach players to turn and back down these aggressive defenders for ball protection purposes. To visualize this style of back to basket ball protection think Sam Cassel… Or Andre Miller… Or… Your uncle. I think everyone has an uncle with a mean back to basket game.

There are positives and negatives to the back to basket method. The positive is that it’s simply the safest form of ball protection– for a defender to get a steal they have to go through you. The negative is that it cuts your court vision in half– you can’t see the whole floor at once with your back turned.

The slow back down is good to have in your arsenal, but in today’s game I think it’s more important to develop DECEPTIVE back to basket moves such as the “closed off spin”, “half spin”, etc. We need to be able to close ourselves off to aggressive defenders while still maintaining our ability to be deceptive and remain in attack mode.

As you can see in the video, all of the exit moves were back to basket (mostly closed off spins and half spins). These moves are deceptive and explosive, however, they are also the safest moves you can use from a ball protection standpoint.

In the video you’ll see that I opened up to cones occasionally using mainly between the legs snatches and between the legs/behind the back exchanges (all are safer than the highly exposed front cross). In this particular drill I simply used Back to Basket moves as the “exit move” from each cone.

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