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Oct 20th, 2013

Category: PJF Around the Web

PJF Around the Web

Here’s a list of my articles published around the web from the past week. Pretty straight forward articles, most of them answering common questions pertaining to lifting and movement. If you’re pressed for time and/or you’re lazy and have a football game to watch i’d have to say my article for “The Nest”¬†Exercises to Activate Underactive Muscles¬†is probably my favorite of the bunch. Enjoy!

Exercises to Activate Underactive Muscles- The Nest

What Are the Benefits of Barbell Rows- Chron Fitness (Houston Chronicle)

Leg Workouts You Can Do at Home to Help With Jumping- Chron Fitness (Houston Chronicle)

The Barbell is not Touching the Chest When Benching- Chron Fitness (Houston Chronicle)

Weight Lifting and Sore Hamstrings- Chron Fitness (Houston Chronicle)

Starting Strength for Assisted Pullups- eHow

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